Rhonny the Rhino ASTM Gray Diamond Switchboard


Rhino Switchboard Mats For The “if” in LifeTM.

Class 1 Grey Diamond switchboard is an OEM favorite for IEC Switchgear.

Internal arcing faults in switchgear assemblies are generally recognized as being the most destructive, and therefore potentially the most dangerous, to personnel in the vicinity of the equipment.

A specially compounded non-conductive matting designed to provide protective insulation against electric shock. It is ideal for use in and around substations, transformers, control panels, engine rooms, and generators.

Quality You Can Count On

ASTM D178/ANSI J6.7. Certification imprinted on the back.

Available with the traditional easy to sweep diamond surface.

Delivering On-Time Results and Reliability

The brand of choice in the oil industry, mass transit and available at Electrical and Safety Supply Houses worldwide.

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3/16” Class 1 Diamond Gray

See Product Specs

  • Dielectric Test Voltage 20,000 VAC
  • Proof Tested Over Entire Surface At 10,000 VAC
  • Recommended Maximum Use Voltage 7,500 VAC
Stock # Size Weight/Ln.Ft.
SB336DGX75 3’ × 75’ × 3/16” 390 lbs.
SB336DG 3’ Cut Length 3.9 lbs.
Color: Gray. Full rolls and cut lengths, 3/16” thick.

When personnel safety from electrocution hazard is a concern,
specify Rhino Switchboard matting.