Rhonny the Rhino Dual Purpose ™ Anti-Fatigue Mats

Dual Purpose Safety Mat


Rhino® Switchboard Mats for the “if” in lifeTM.

Dual Purpose Mats™ by Rhino provides personel a comfortable work surface to stand on while protecting from from accidental electric shock.

ASTM D-178, Class 2, 1/4” thick Diamond surfaced switchboard laminated to a 3/8” thick super resilient polymeric sponge base.

Dual Purpose Mats™ should be used in any area where Health and safety risk assessment shows a possibility of high-voltage shock.

Safety Focused. Results Driven.

Rubber-insulating gloves, insulated hand tools, and switchboard-insulating mats are vital components of a successful PPE system. All should be used in conjunction with engineering safeguards and associated work practices.

Quality you can count on.

Tested to ASTM D178/ANSI J6.7 specifications with certification imprinted on the back.

Stock sizes 2ft X 3ft and 3ft X 5ft, Custome sizes from 3ft and 4ft rolls.

Patent Pending

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See Product Specs

Stock No. Size App. Wt.
DP-2436 2’ × 3’ × 1/4” 15.0 lbs.
DP-3648 3’ × 4’ × 1/4” 30.0 lbs.
DP-3660 3’ × 5’ × 1/4” 37.5 lbs.


See Product Specs

Stock No. Size App. Wt./lin.ft.
DP-36 3’ × 75’ × 1/4” 7.5 lbs.
DP-48 4’ × 75’ × 1/4” 10.0 lbs.
Color: Black only. For Diamond surface, add the letter “D”. 5/8” Thick.

When personnel safety from electrocution hazard is a concern,
specify Rhino Switchboard matting.