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Injuries caused by electrical shock are some of the most severe that workers can experience on the job.

According to the National Safety Council, more than 1000 employees are killed and 30,000 injured each year from electrical shock.

At least half of all electrocutions encountered in an occupational setting occur because of contact with power lines, and about a quarter as a result of electrical machines or tools.

Safety does not occur by accident.

Salisbury® electrical insulating rubber gloves, Klein® electrical insulated hand tools, and Rhino® switchboard-insulating mats are vital components of a successful PPE system. All should be used in conjunction with engineering safeguards and associated work practices.

PPE purchases are based on winning customer trust

The Rhino approach to electrical insulating mats is straightforward, delivering on-time results and reliability and providing seamless transactions for the industrial and electrical supply distributor.

Distributors of Rhino Switchboard mats offer their customers the most comprehensive product selection in the industry and expand their ROI with the best for less.

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When personnel safety from electrocution hazard is a concern,
specify Rhino Switchboard matting.